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“My counselor pay close attention to my needs and concerns. Very patient and understanding. Highly recommending.”

“I would like to ID key persons in my recovery that helped make it a success. While I was in the ARC treat. prop. some of the monitors went above and beyond as well as counselors, namely Ms. Dora George. Some monitors I would lie to recognize are Yolanda, Andrea, Tamara and on occasion Ruby. W/o these ladies the prog. wouldn't be the same.”

“The counselors here are more knowledgeable than counselors I've had at other programs. I was in the inpatient prog. and that for me was the turning point in my recovery. I think the ARC prog. is a great way for addicts to find what may be looking for. The nurses are always very friendly and Ms George at the inpatient center is one of the main reasons why I have had a successful recovery. All staff are mostly pleasant. “

“Great place!”

Here are quotes from some of our grateful clients:

“No questions just want to comment: Mrs. Toles takes her time listens to me and is a great help to me. I thank her.”

“I just want to point out how much my counselor has been there for me through this whole thing. She really means a lot to me. I don't think I'd be here doing so good without her. Her name is Miss Toles”

“Thank you to all staff and Dr. Sorscher, counselor Gary Pounds, and Mrs. Shirley and Robin!!”

“Gary Pounds is a very good counselor, he has helped me a great deal.”

“I am so grateful for Crossroads helping me to achieve my goal-took some time but achieve it none the less-for the things I was taught and how to use them in real life situations as well as the methadone I am grateful! Thank you”

“T Hunter is my counselor. There has never been a time when he wasn't there for me 100%. He not only provides help with my program but also has helped get me through some of the toughest times of my life. When I had no one else to talk to. He's a gentleman & an Amazing counselor & has truly made an impact in my life & makes me feel I have someone to turn to when I am in a time of crisis. Appreciate him more than you know.”

“My counselor is a great counselor."

“I'm very happy with the services from Crossroads and my counselor Sandy. They really care about us like human beings.

“Emma is amazing! I stay at this clinic when I could go to 2 others that are closer to me because I love my counselor and truly enjoy the time I get to speak with her.” “This clinic has really helped me so much. My counselor Sandy has been a very great person I feel truly cares about me & my recovery. I'm overall very happy the services I receive here.”

“My life was unmanageable until I entered Crossroads. It helped me adapt to society and love myself” RH

“I reflected on bad behaviors. Crossroads helped me put it in focus so change could occur” AP

"Ms.. Marilyn, Ms.. Courtney, Ms.. Keisha - I truly loved having them to talk too Ms.. Tracey on 3rd shift"

"All monitors were nice"

"Would like to rec A Kidd & therapist D Johnson, she has helped me tremendously thru process"

"Ms. Andrea is very helpful and caring. She is the best monitor"

"I am very happy to have Ms. Toles"

"I had an extremely great session with Bernie today. A much needed breakthrough"

"Bernie has been my saving grace, without the services I received I'd be in a worse place"

"Love Ms. Toles"

"Bernie, I feel has been a very important part of my recovery - 100% right for me!"

"Mr. Bernie Gray helped me is so many ways He is very good at what he does. We get along great"

"Bernie Gray is a great counselor"

"I feel understood really well"

"Mr.s Shanks is awesome!"

"You’re the best - I referred my girlfriend to you all and she now has sobriety and clean time I'd refer anyone to you guys and have"

"Ms. Lillian Toles She is an awesome woman and I truly love her"

"Ms. Toles is very gifted at helping others I'm thankful to have met her"

"I love Ms. Toles, she is great"

"Ms. Toles has been great She listens and truly cares and helps me so much I'm grateful for her"

"Ms. Toles She helps me so much I can't begin to explain it"

"Yes Ms. Toles has been wonderful"

"Ms. Toles is awesome!! She knows the game and doesn't make you feel bad - She is help for me!!"

"Lillian Toles I always get meds on time I feel like she don't judge me and she listens to me"

"Bernie Gray - he is wonderful at listening and giving feedback about my problems."

"Bernie Gray has helped me tremendously"

"Bernie Gray has listened really well to my story and gave me some great ways at looking at things different which has helped me I enjoy him so much because he knows Jesus"

"Bernie Gray is an excellent therapist as well as an exceptional group leader"

"Bernie Gray Helped me more than I could have ever even imagined"

"Bernie Gray is an excellent therapist, a very good listener and very good input, suggestions and understanding"

"Bernie Gray is the most amazing counselor ever!!!"

"Mr. Bernie Gray, Dr. Soria, two very important people in my life right now"

"Ms. Shanks She does a great job and she really cares about your well-being"

"Ms. Toles and Ms. Shanks Both lovely women and were both great counselors Loved them both"

"Ms. Shanks is a very understanding woman about my life and the things that I needed to work on"

"Ms. Toles She is awesome!!!"

"Ms. Toles She is very kind and understands me and has been there for me every time I have ever needed her, same with Robin S. & Dr. Sorscher"

"Mr. Pounds is an amazing man with a big heart. We have a great connection *Robin Scott is also a wonderful, kind woman"

"Garry Pounds was a great listener who held me accountable He made me feel that it was ok to be open and honest"

"My counselor has always been there for me and has always tried to fix problems. that have prevented me from coming"

"Garry Pounds has been great, understanding, and compassionate"

"Robin Scott, Garry Pounds, and Dr. Sorscher have all been exceptional providers!"

"G Pounds and Dr. Sorscher-they are good people and if having problems. They will try to help you"

"Mr. Pounds He and I talk about our past experiences which help me deal with my addiction I like to hear how others experienced addiction and how they overcame it and how they stay sober Mr. Pounds very good!!"

"Mr. Bernie Gray is outstanding In understanding a person heartache, struggles, and where they can go in the future He knows his counseling. Blessed to have him helping me"

"Susan Shanks very caring and attentive and quick to handle all the aspects of my recovery I am grateful to her"

"Ms. Shanks, great listener and gives great outlooks and advice"

"Bernie did a great job & Ms. Shanks has also been very helpful"

"Most helpful was being given different coping skills to manage my anger"

"They care"

"It taught me how to love myself and I'm worth it"

"The monitors were very helpful and nice. Ms. George was wonderful and helped me so much"

"I learned I don't have to drink to have fun"

"I learned that I have become a better person"

"My counselor & other therapist treated me with respect and helped me with my issues with my addiction"

"Ms. Hayden & Ms. Bailey taught me the most it convinced me I could be clean"

"I def trusted them thru all my time here"

"I love the staff"

"I grew a strong bond with staff members"

"I love all the monitors"

"Ms. Kisha, Ms. Marilyn, Ms. Robin were all nice"

"Every staff member respected my rights and helped me along the way"

"Love all monitors"

"I got t