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Here are a few quotes from some of our grateful clients:

“My life was unmanageable until I entered Crossroads. It helped me adapt to society and love myself” RH

“I reflected on bad behaviors. Crossroads helped me put it in focus so change could occur” AP

“Crossroads Center has given me insight about myself and gives me hope in knowing that I am not alone.” TB

"Mr. Gray is a good therapist.”

“Crossroads has been very satisfying to my treat every since I came here my life has turned around for the good. I would highly recommend anyone to come here to start their road to recovery.”

“I just wanted to thank the staff for understanding my addiction. They have helped me a great deal.”

“My counselor pay close attention to my needs and concerns. Very patient and understanding. Highly recommending.”

“I would like to ID key persons in my recovery that helped make it a success. While I was in the ARC treat. prop. some of the monitors went above and beyond as well as counselors, namely Ms. Dora George. Some monitors I would lie to recognize are Yolanda, Andrea, Tamara and on occasion Ruby. W/o these ladies the prog. wouldn't be the same.”

“The counselors here are more knowledgeable than counselors I've had at other programs. I was in the inpatient prog. and that for me was the turning point in my recovery. I think the ARC prog. is a great way for addicts to find what may be looking for. The nurses are always very friendly and Ms George at the inpatient center is one of the main reasons why I have had a successful recovery. All staff are mostly pleasant.

“Great place!”